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07-Jan-2018 03:17

Identifying your skin type will help you pick out make up, clothing and a hair color that best suits your natural appearance.

A lot of people spend hours out in the sun or in a tanning booth to try to change the color of their skin. You can use that starting point to help you pick out everything from the right makeup to the right nail polish, and if you do it correctly, you'll be amazed by the results.

Women are attracted to men with darker complexions because these are associated with sex, virility, mystery, villainy and danger.

From Desdemona to Nicole Kidman, fair-skinned beauties have been celebrated by artists and poets for centuries.

A good color will accentuate your natural complexion. Get two pieces of jewelry, one gold and one silver, and hold them up against your skin.

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Those with green veins have yellow undertones and are therefore warm.

Research has found extensive evidence of discrimination based on skin color in criminal justice, business, labor market, housing, health care, media and politics in the United States and Europe.

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