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Applications are accepted in the spring of each year, for 1 summer internship position with a stipend; other volunteer internships may also be available. Through her estate, Jean Cushwa and her heirs have established a program of support for a deserving college student majoring in Visual/Studio Art, Art History, Art Education, Architecture, Design, or Museum Studies.Is there a template for getting the ultimate enjoyment out of a weekend chock full of twang and down-home music making? The best route to a good weekend is through a mix of experiences.

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I think it was actually 1979 when we put the band together with Martin Edic who we had met behind the counter at Record Theater in Midtown Plaza. Tom Kohn at the Bop Shop took the photos below at a Hi-Techs recording session WCMF's downstairs studio.Join your colleagues on Tuesday, August 22nd at the Wisconsin Club, City Club for a Roundtable Discussion.